Community Education Programs

These programs are open to the general public and are not restricted to clients/former clients of NCBHS. 

Focused on providing information and support for individuals who may be struggling with mental/emotional health and wellness issues, the programs will educate participants on how to manage their illness, along with introducing coping skills and ways to overcome barriers during recovery.

The listed programs are currently being offered at the following offices:

Canton: Wednesdays from 11:00 am-12:00 pm


Getting Your Needs Met in the Mental Health System: Everyone has different needs.  Some may need one-on-one contact with a therapist and some may need a structured daily program.  Find out what you need as an individual to help assist you in your recovery.

Healthy Lifestyles: Part of managing your recovery is identifying and working toward personal recovery goals.  For many people, living a healthy life is either one of their personal goals or a way to help them achieve their goals.  Lifestyle changes can be difficult and many people find it helpful to get support in the process.

Stress Management : Stress does not discriminate-everyone experiences stress throughout their life.  Stress can be positive or negative.  You don’t want to eliminate all stress from your life, instead you want to understand and cope with it so that you can make your life more satisfying. 

Coping Skills: Coping strategies can help you learn to accept situations that are beyond your control and find ways to help you feel better even if the problem still exists. When you develop coping strategies, you’re able to build resilience. You’re able to see things in a better perspective and you’ll feel much better about how you handled situations that may occur in your life. 

**You may attend these free programs at any time.